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Designed by the leading air quality experts at united air specialists, this completely selfcontained. Most dust management solutions target one or more of these characteristics. Contaminated air is drawn into the cyclone where the. Scientific dust collectors was formally established in 1981 when. Micro air dust collectors incorporate heavy duty 12gauge steel, industrial grade enamel paint inside and outside, leakfree seals, and years of proven industrial use in the field. Discover the latest information and technological innovations behind hapmans bulk material handling equipment and products here. Versus a typical dust collector cmaxx domed roof typical dust collector 1. Optimal air filtration technology pure, clean air solutions for dust collector systems ensured availability, superior support, unequaled quality, and reliability. The dc100 is modular, manual shaker type, dust collectors requiring minimal supervision and maintenance. One costeffective package gives you all these valuable features. What makes asco numatics different is its unique combina.

The full line of workstations is designed specifically for those inplant areas where dirty andor noisy. Filter changeouts can be completed in less than 30 minutes without need for special tools. Be sure to indicate the exact location of each dust port. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring true quality and savings to our customers, helping them run their businesses more e.

Easy to maintain toolless exchange of filter media top entry for clean side filter exchange ef. The cartridges feature heavyduty construction to withstand rigorous. A stronger design without individual panels means zero warping and zero. Helps you to determine which dust collector is right for you. Schenck process offers a portfolio of industrial air filtration products that are accepted for a wide variety of dust collection. Also, consult your local authorities to verify all governing codes and regulations that apply in your locality in regards to the use of enclosed type dust collectors.

Dust collectors the aget pullthrough cyclone dust collector incorporates design simplicity with industrial quality materials to provide years of dependable, low maintenance dust collection. The small size gpc dust collector makes it easy to solve dust. Fill out the form and you will have immediate access to the dust testing. Envirojet dust collectors are ideally suited for process applications and provide ventilation in accordance with occupational health and safety requirements. Prevents fine dust from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment reducing facility maintenance. We will clean dust and fumes from factories, making them safer and more productive. Finer dusts are carried up to the filter elements where they are retained on the outersurface of the filter fabric. Unparalleled innovationwhether our customers need a single collector or a multifaceted collection system, donaldson torit has the solution. We will be pleased to advise you on applications for our dust collector systems. Bin lb kg with trough hopper lb kg dlmc model with optional 55gallon drum adapter drum not included. Da, db and dbm media bag dust and mist collectors can help your plant meet osha requirements for employee health and safety by removing contaminants from the air. A central vacuum dust collector allows dust filtration to take place at the floor level. Attaching the dust collector attach the dust collection cover to the hose. The dust collection system consists of a hood or air collection device, the dust collector, the motive fan and any interconnecting ductwork, stack, dampers, controls, etc.

The small footprint of the rf combines a cyclone precleaner and a baghouse into one unit. The usaf cleanflo cartridge dust collector provides economical, reliable, high e. Mcb series cross ventilation cartridge dust collector. Then let an optional fully automatic dust reclaim system pay for your collector by recycling the dust into the fly ash. Quality construction and simple design ensure longterm, troublefree operation, superb. Initially some preseparation takes place as heavier dust particles lose momentum and fall into the collection bin or hopper. Aluminum dust drawers with dual handles offers large capacity dust storage area with sturdy, yet lightweight construction to allow for easy dust removal. Units are completely weatherproofed for indoor or outdoor installation. Specifications width height depth number of cartridge filters scfm. Powered by proprietary ultraweb nanofiber filtration technology, dfo delivers cleaner air, up to two times longer filter life, and greater cost savings. Downflo workstation dust collectors donaldson company.

The cartridges feature heavyduty construction to withstand rigorous use. Dust collection systems gfs offers two options for recovering dust from blast operations. In one extremely small and powerful package, the torit powercore dust collector. Downflo evolution dust collectors donaldson company. A dust collector is a mechanical device used to remove dust from an air stream. If necessary, use the rubber hose adapter and stainless hose band supplied with the dust collection cover. Minimize maintenance the automatic, alternating, reverse pulsejet filter cleans the filter to ensure proper dust collection with minimal maintenance requirements. Ideas created fromdust 01 right from the start, our dedication to the advancement of the dust collection industry has been evident. Our shaker silo collectors are engineered by dust control specialists, with special attention to userfriendliness and ef. Leaktight laser welded seams, instead of lockform or spiral duct which badly leaks and allows debris harbors and snag opportunities. This heavy duty collector is built completely from 12 gauge steel and is 100% hand welded which ensures that it is very durable and has no seams that can leak dust. The rugged donaldson torit rf baghouse collector handles heavy dust loads and large volumes of air more effectively than any collector on the market. Dust collector exterior appearance a choice of paint options to suit cost sensitive installations, force dust collectors are offered in baked enamel, srzghufrdwdqghsr\frdw.

Our ultrareliable valves, switches, actuators, and other components come with ensured availability and localized support that no other manufacturer can match. A cartridge dust collector is an important investment that impacts the performance of plant equipment and the health of your employees. Downflo workstation dust collectors outperforms all other collectors downflo workstations dws fit anywhere on the plant floor and apply no restrictions to worker movements or visibility. Performance and costeffectiveness are essential in all such systems. Highquality filter cartridges are critical for keeping a dust collector operating effectively to maintain proper air flow and visibility on the work site. The cyclone dust collector offers airflow capacities ranging from 800 to,000 cfm.

Cleanflo cartridge dust collector provides economical, reliable, high efficiency filtration in a compact size. The dc100 is the appropriate solution for dust capture and filtration of various applications without the use of any available compressed air. The critical difference in dust collection a variety of manufacturers make valves, actuators, and other automation components that control the flow of compressed air through industrial dust collector. Dust collection dust collector filter cartridges dust collector filter cartridges trap dust particles removed by a dust collector system from abrasive blasting. Hagan can take any existing plant, stationary or portable, and retrofit a dust collection system. The contaminated air from the dust generation source is drawn through the inlet to the filter by the fan. Farr gold series dust collector with hemipleat filters has been tested to exceed the air quality required in most hospital operating rooms. Integrate as part of a system the dust collector can be integrated with a hopper and is easily combined with conveyors, mixers, and other material handling and processing. If a machine has multiple dust ports, the total cfm for the machine is the sum of all of the ports. Let us help you better determine what dust collection equipment is right for your dust. Modular dust collectors rg series belfab is a division of pyradia inc. Torit put decades of industry experience to work to produce a new, bestinclass dust collector capable of reducing equipment size and number of required filters by up to 40% compared to a typical cartridge collector.

A smaller dust collection system footprint the combination of the sfcs patented pulse cleaning system and nanofiber cartridge filters also allow for higher airtomedia ratios, potentially reducing the size of the dust collector. Dust collectors for a safe and clean working atmosphere dust generation is one of the major problems in all kind of industries. The lp advantage is a cleaning arm with a flowstop plate that keeps air from. The small size gpc dust collector makes it easy to solve dust collecting problems for plants and workshops with limited floor space or overhead clearance making it an ideal solution for your dust collecting problems. Gives you quick and easy access to the many dust testing options. Pdf brochures filter1 custom dust collector manufacturers. Aluminum dust drawers with dual handles offers large capacity dust storage area with sturdy, yet lightweight construction to allow for easy dust. Its highefficiency performance is accomplished by means of the units long tapered cone, highvelocity inlet and welded helix. Draw a topdown view sketch to scale of your machines and dust collector. Through different processes, the dust is generated and is mixed with the surrounding air. Standard and custom configurations every micro air dust collector is designed to function both standalone and as. Dust collectors and reclaimers for blast cabinets raptor. The rb500 is a high quality 500 plus cfm cartridge style dust collector for blast cabinets.

Ecoguard type w dust collection cover instruction manual. Donaldsontorit dust collector brochures and product. Brochure 2 jetset the jetset range is a robust dust collector with proven design principles based on a well known range from germany. To yield the best return and provide the safest work environment possible, its important to choose a dust collector that utilizes an optimized pulse cleaning system to reap the full benefits. Tpcx0120811 dust collectors dc1, dc2 and dc3 models dust free vacuum system filtration conair dust collectors keep your plant free of airborn dust and fines and prevent dust from fouling the vacuum pump. Dc1100rck, dc640rc, dc650rc, dc1200rc, dc1200ck, dc1200rck. Duralife filter bags provide twice the life over standard 16 oz polyester bags traditional 16 oz polyester bags are produced via a needling process that creates larger pores where dust.

Highquality filter cartridges are critical for keeping a dust collector. Bins cloth area with pyramid hopper lb kg shipping weight with hopper for uma 4 cu. Dust collector a dust collector reduces the amount of dust or other impurities from the air in industrial and commercial operations. The high performance downflo oval dfo family of overachieving dust collectors provides up to 25 percent more filtration capacity than other samesized cartridge collectors. The gpc dust collector is an efficient way to handle your dust collecting needs. Qlvkhv rotopulse cleaning is quieter, typically 15dba quieter than reverse pulse cleaning systems and requires less compressed air. Dust generated air velocity particle size cohesiveness b a c dust suppression dust collection 3 methods of dust management any of the three characteristics of dust can be altered to minimize the amount of dust generated. Our flexible design accommodates filters in common sizes for easy maintenance. Aerodyne environmental manufactures cyclone dust collectors. Modular closed dust collector nbm series belfab is a division of pyradia inc. Call us at 8002890189 or 9722782664 americanmade air quality solutions.

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